My husband and I David live in Mancos, Co. I have been a licensed judge for over 10 years and was a provisional judge for 1 year. I enjoy hiking and of course judging in my spare time.

One passion that I have is educating exhibitors and youth about pygmy goats. This includes structure, health, maintenance and showmanship.

I was part of the group that produced and edited the Breed Standard video for the NPGA. I was a Region Director for Region 7 and was the Chair of the Public Relations Committee.


I grew up in Liberty, North Carolina and began raising pygmy goats in 1995.  It did not take long until I was attending shows and became a member of the NPGA in 1997.  I obtained my NPGA Judges License in 2000 at the National Convention in Kinston, NC.  Over the years I have served on the Breed Standard committee, Judges Training committee, and NPGA Board of Directors.  I have also served as the Chair of the Judges Training committee.   In 2008 I completed my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University and have been practicing veterinary medicine in the Northern Virginia area since then.  In my spare time I enjoy traveling, exploring the Washington D.C. area, and adding to my extensive LEGO collection.  Judging and showing pygmy goats is a great passion of mine and I always look forward to the National Convention.  My favorite part of judging is answering questions and trying to share as much information as possible.  So, if you have any questions during the show don’t be afraid to ask.   I look forward to seeing you all in Boise!    – Jason Overman , DVM


I was born and raised in Liberty, NC which is a small town outside of Greensboro, NC. Growing up, we always had billies and nannies, but in 2009 we purchased our first three registered pygmies, two bucks and a doe. From there, the herd has grown to just under forty animals. It wasn’t long before we were regularly attending shows across North Carolina and even got brave enough to travel out of state. From the first show I attended, I was fascinated with how the judge was able to place the goats based off of a scorecard all from memory, and in 2015, I was fortunate enough to earn my judges license. Since becoming a judge, I have had the honor to travel across the country and meet some amazing people that are full knowledge and fascinating stories. During this time, I have also been a student at North Carolina State University where I am pursuing a degree in animal science as well as in human biology. Lord willing, by the time convention comes around I will be a new graduate of NC State and moving forward in my plans to attend medical school. When I’m not judging or studying, I enjoy kayaking, fishing and dove hunting. Don’t worry the birds are plenty safe. Pygmy goats have become a large part of my life, and one of the greatest joys of showing and judging is getting to meet new people as well as helping to educate those that are new to the world of pygmies. See y’all at convention!

* Bryson Staley

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